Vantage Staffing

Advantages of using Employment Agency

1. Improve productivity

By bringing in temporary staff to handle the extra work load, full-time employees can continue to focus on their main job tasks while maintaining their productivity.

2. Try before you buy

Staffing agencies give the business a chance to try out an employee before making a permanent offer of employment and to identify any weaknesses that would not typically be evident in the interview process

3. Decrease costs

While the per-hour cost may be more than the per-hour cost of a full-time employee, temporary staff can be used as needed without a commitment of a 40-hour per week.

4. Avoid unemployment claims

The temporary staff person is an employee of the staffing agency and not the business, so no unemployment claims, saves multiple hours of Managers dealing with unemployment claims and the Department of Labor.

5. Quick solution in emergency situation

Temporary help agencies can quickly provide your business with sufficient and qualified staff when there is any unexpected/temporary demand because of seasonal/peak period.

6. Increase flexibility

Using a staffing agency is a good way to continue getting work done while you are searching for the perfect candidate for a particular job. If unsatisfied with a temp’s work performance, contact the temp agency and they will take care of the rest.